Snap on - 1/2 Inch Hemmer Foot


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Sewing bee fabrics haberdashery and ribbons


This foot works the same way as the rolled hem foot, but the width of the hem created will be half an inch. Start your hem off by making a small fold the width of your guide, then fold that under again so that the raw edge is enclosed. Put it under the foot and sew a few stitches to secure it in place. Now leaving the needle down but the presser foot lifted up, thread the hem around and into the guide. Lower the presser foot back down then stitch while keeping slight tension on the fabric. Curl the fabric as you go to help feed it through. Try to keep the fabric weight in mind as some will pull it more easily out of the guide if they aren’t supported, especially with narrower hems. Note that lightweight fabrics are often better suited to narrower hems and heavier fabrics will often get better results with wider hems.

Universal Snap-on Feet will attach to low or high shank sewing machine adapters. If you aren’t sure if this will fit your machine, check out our sewing machine feet guide.


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Sewing Machine Fitting

All fabrics will be cut as a continuous piece unless you ask us otherwise. In the unlikely event this isn’t possible we will always contact you first. 

Our fabrics are all hand cut with care, never torn.

We recommend that all of our fabrics are washed at 30°c or below to improve fabric durability and colour vibrancy.

We try to match the colours in our photos as closely as possible but some differences may occur.

Size Guide & Conversion

1 Metre = approx. 39  Inches

Half Metre = approx. 19 ½ Inches

Fat Quarter = approx. 50cm x 40-50cm

(approx. 19½ Inches x 15 ¾ – 19½ Inches)